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UPDATED-  Jan. 10, 2015 -- I've got new wear options on the checkout pages and a lot of new pics--check out the ASS page!  And, I have a new type of thong panty you can purchase!    And. NOW me and Candice/Candie from gooeypanties.com are the ONLY one's around selling "real" lesbian WASP panties -- Everybody is asking for these so, you need to get in line NOW!



For those who haven't been here before my name is Daisy. I've been selling used panties for about three years. I'm bisexual and currently live with my girlfriend Cindy. I hate that term bisexual but the definition I guess does describe me. I do like men and I do still  fantasize about sex with men but I'm committed to my relationship with Cindy. She's aware of the fantasies. She's not really into this used panty thing and pretty much thinks you guys are disgusting, but I like it. It does excite me sharing intimate things with pretty much complete strangers. I like to think I know some of you now but you know what I mean. We don't really see each other.  Hope you like the updated site.   Daisy Mae


I Verify Myself I don't need a 3rd party site to tell me I am good/legit. I have been online selling since: 2006. I must be doing something right! So, cum on in guys (&gals)!!





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